19-31 July 2021

12 Live Performance Artists, 12 Artworks of Our Time


Images by Dominic Farlam

I was invited by Ghost and John, along with 11 other live performance artists, to reside at the lovely space London Performance Studios.
Throughout the two-weeks residency, we shared skills and ideas, conducted and participated in each other's workshops, and worked on 12 pieces of score-based improvisational works.

Using bouffon as groundwork, I explored beauty within an 'ugly' exterior. I thought: hey, wouldn't it be a perfect opportunity to work with live artists, dance artists and theatre-makers alike, to find the humour amongst us? 

Really Ugly but Really Beautiful…“Oh Really? Absolutely darling, absolutely” an explosion of funny characters with a grotesque physicality and a heart of gold.  (View all the scores here)
Participating Artists:

Adam Moore - Transdisciplinary Aahtist & Qurator

Alina Sakko - Dance artist
Bettina Fung - Visual artist

Bonnie Chan - Theatremaker

Elina Akhmetova - Dance artist, Activist and Bashkir

Iris Chan - Dance artist

Isabella Leung - Actor, Writer, Clown

Jay Yule - Dance artist

Mark Bleakley - Dance artist

Peggy Yau - Installation artist

Yik Sau - Actor and Theatremaker

Ghost and John - Multidisciplinary art duo


2-6 March 2021

A Game Not Lost - a theatre show (but online)

I was thrilled to return to the theatre during this difficult COVID times with A Game Not Lost, a one-woman show bringing an amazing and powerful female character, Ching Shih 鄭石氏, to life. But, as unpredictable as the pirate life of Ching Shih herself, the show had to be live-streamed when theatres were forced to remain closed.
Thanks to The Space Theatre we were able to have a smooth recording of the show in this beautiful church-converted theatre. 


 "full of incident, drama and female agency." - The Reviewer's Hub

Writer: Dorothy Kay @Dot Films
Director: Dorothy Kay
Performer: Isabella Leung
Dramaturg: Zhui Ning Chang
Producer: Amber Ryder