Isabella has been a writer as long as she has been an educator. Indeed, it was her work as a drama educator that first lead her to write, as she created rich tailor-made worlds for her drama students to inhabit.
Over the course of her career as a drama educator, in which she has taught at over 30 schools in Hong Kong, Isabella has written over 20 scripts, both original and adapted, for young students and adults.
Isabella’s theatrical writing incorporates a broad range of media, including poetry and song. Her scripts explore the musicality of rhythm and language, through which she creates dream-like worlds built out of a rich aural tradition.  
In 2015, she developed her original work, "Dream Of The Fair Forest" (森林∙夢∙遊蹤) into a site-specific theatre performance in Kadoorie Farm, Hong Kong.
For more information about Isabella's work or to commission your own piece of writing, contact Isabella or check out a list of her plays.

Dream of the
Fair Forest

Join Susan as she embarks upon a journey to discover the secrets of the forest. Along the way, she'll meet  new friends, face many challenges, and eventually learn an important lesson about nature.
"Enter the forest
Look for the truth
Meet our dear friends
Who'd gladly meet you..."
A unique multi-sensory performance workshop suitable for families to explore together