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Writer and storyteller, poet and dreamer.

When I was 16, my poem, Iden, was published in Young Writers - Away With Words West Sussex. Little did I know that those words about ambiguous dreams and identity would carry me through to my adulthood. 

Now I write poetry, stories, plays and even audio drama for performance. 

MOONCAKE, produced by 45North

  • Part of a TV Writers Room for an upcoming BBC commissioned project with Tiger Aspect Productions

  • "A Bouffon Play About Hong Kong" is a finalist for The Women's Prize for Playwriting 2021

  • Monologue: "Furniture Music" as part of Creating Apart 2021, produced by Exit Pursued by Panda 

  • Audio play: "Mooncake", produced by 45North 

  • "A Bouffon Play About Hong Kong" shortlisted for BOLD Theatre's BOLD Playwright Development 

  • Online Illustrated story: "Girl Who Fell Through The World - Chapter 3: OLA AND THE MONKEY KING", produced by Disentangle Projects

  • Winner of Live Theatre Bursary 2020 

  • Poem: "Behold, The Candlelight" as part of Silence is Compliance, produced by Young Blood Initiative

GIRL WHO FELL THROUGH THE WORLD, produced by Disentangle Projects 
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