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Photo credit: Rooftop Productions.

I am a bilingual actor (English and Chinese), writer and drama educator. I was born in Hong Kong and based in London. My professional credits begin in Hong Kong after I graduated, my work focus on devising, movement and comedy. Some of that work has taken me on tour to China, Taiwan, Germany and Italy.
I believe that art is a collaborative platform for change.  As an audience, I have stepped out of a theatre feeling an urge to change the world. As an artist, I want to create the same impact for those who get in touch with my work.

I am Isabella (she/her)



Creative juices are breaking out of the screen (at last!)

I am thrilled to announce that I will be collaborating with fantastic contemporary art duo Ghost and John in a residency project:
Meme-ify! An Attempt to Dance Through Pain With Humour 

Come and join us online, or even better... watch us perform in a shop front in London at A Tank Full of Memes.

30 September 2020 (Wed)
7:30pm-8:30pm BST+1
At 48 Aberfeldy St, London, E14 0NU



Isabella is currently seeking representation.
For enquiry, please contact her via email:

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